RMC Origin Story


Picture itEarth, 2020, a global pandemic had everyone at home with absolutely nothing to do.

I wish I could say Rainy Morning Candles had some heart warming story about how all this came to be, but I don't. RMC was born of boredom, idle hands, and a hyper-fixation on candle making. However, our lack of an awe-inspiring backstory didn't reflect on just how much Rainy Morning Candles would change my life.

In November 2020, just after my 30th birthday, I took the biggest leap of my life and created this *world dominating* business. (We're manifesting, okay?) I had been a full-time mom for 12 years at this point and I just really wanted to do something with my life. I've always been crafty but nothing ever "stuck." Until I found candle making. Which quickly shifted to wax melt making because I'm *too* impatient for candle testing. 

Long story short, I started making wax melts and haven't looked back. Rainy Morning Candles is my passion, my purpose. I love creating fragrances that connect to pop culture, songs, foods, and memories. I get to show my kids that you can create something from nothing; that you can come from nothing and create greatness. 

"It's out there for anyone who wants it, you've just gotta want it bad enough."
-- Sherrie Woods (My Mom)

Hi! I'm Misty and I'm the mastermind behind Rainy Morning Candles. 

Some fun lore about me!

- I'm a former teen mom and married my high school sweetheart.
My husband and I welcomed our first kiddo just shy of my 18th birthday. Despite the statistics being against us, we never gave up and made a beautiful life for our family.

- Penguins, possums, and raccoons are my FAVORITE animals!
Penguins are adorable and always dressed for the occasion. Possums are a little scruffy and so misunderstood. Raccoons represent everything I am as a person; awake at night, grubbing food, dark circles under my eyes, and absolutely feral.

- I never grew out of my emo phase. 
I'm hopelessly stuck in the mid 2000s and I never hope to leave. I'm obsessed with My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Paramore. I absolutely LOVE going to live shows and I've passed this along to my oldest kids. (More shows for me!)

- I grew up in the homeplace of Maybelle Addington Carter, June Carter Cash's mother!
My mom and step dad bought and remodeled an old home in my hometown. It wasn't until MANY years later that we learned Maybelle Carter was born and raise in the house we rebuilt!