Holiday Who-be What-ee?

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Pretty Wax Melts That Pack a Punch!

Our wax melts are as highly scented as they are pretty! Our 1.7 oz snap bars can last as long as 60 HOURS! (That's longer than a 7 oz candle!)

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Meet the Maker!

Hi folks! My name is Misty. I'm an MCR obsessed elder emo, Stephen King fanatic, concert lover, mom, wife, and full time mastermind behind Rainy Morning Candles. After spending many years as the stay-at-home parent, I decided I wanted to be the bread winner. So, I made the leap to start a business that would take over the world! (Just kidding, we haven't quite achieved that... yet!)

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RMC's Faves

We're asked all the time for our favorite scents or what we recommend, so here's a full collections of our favs!