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Rainy Morning Candles

Banana Nut Bread | Wax Melts

Banana Nut Bread | Wax Melts

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The mouth-watering bakery aromas of a homemade classic.

Top notes of toasted walnut and ripe banana combine with nutmeg and sugar for a blend that’s perfectly nutty and sweet. Vanilla and cake base notes enrich the sweetness of this toasty scent.
Wax Melt Details ☆
  • Each wax melt is ~ 1.75 oz
  • Made with a Soy Blend Wax for superior hot throw and scent retention
  • Highly Scented + Long-Lasting
  • Handmade with love in VA ♥
  • Our wax melts are made in small batches, so appearances may differ from the product photos. Slight color changes and off-center labels may occur but these do not affect the quality of the wax melts.
  • Please read the warning label before using. Follow all safety guidelines when using our wax melts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tenisha Anderson
Bakery goodness

Smells just like a freshly baked banana bread.

Tamara Terrell-Calderon
Love melts

The smell brings me back to my childhood

Jeffery Oaks
What kind of magic is this?

Seriously, how do you pack so much scent in such small packages? Is this witchcraft? Voodoo? Whatever it is,
keep up all the good work!