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Rainy Morning Candles

Cunning | Sorting Collection | Wax Melt Samples

Cunning | Sorting Collection | Wax Melt Samples

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"Sherbet Lemon" and you Slyther-in into the common room!

Immerse yourself in the essence of cunning and ambition:

🐍 Black Currant and Saffron: At the heart of this fragrance, the seductive blend of black currant and saffron sets the tone for Slytherin's enigmatic charm. These rich, exotic notes represent the depth of ambition that thrives within the house.

🐍 Blackberries: The inclusion of blackberries adds a dark, juicy sweetness that hints at hidden depths and secrets lurking beneath the surface.

🐍 Absinthe: Like the forbidden allure of the green fairy, absinthe lends an intriguing, slightly anise-like aroma that adds an element of intrigue and complexity to the blend.

🐍 Orange Zest: A touch of orange zest brightens the mix, symbolizing the sharp wit and cunning intelligence of Slytherin students.

🐍 Spice: Subtle spices weave throughout, reminiscent of the spice of life within Slytherin House, where every challenge is embraced as an opportunity.

🐍 Vanilla Musk: Vanilla musk contributes a sensual, velvety undertone, representing the elegance and sophistication that Slytherins often possess.

🐍 Chili Peppers: The surprising kick of chili peppers ignites the senses, adding a fiery intensity that mirrors the determination and passion of Slytherin students.

Each wax melt is ~ 1 oz

Wax Melt Details ♥

- Made with a Soy Blend Wax (Approx. 52% Soy/48% Paraffin) for superior hot throw and scent retention

- Highly Scented + Long Lasting 

- Handmade with love in VA ♥

- Our wax melts are made in small batches, so appearances may differ from the product photos. Slight color changes and off-center labels may occur but these do not affect the quality of the wax melts.

- Please read the warning label before using. Follow all safety guidelines when using our wax melts.

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