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Rainy Morning Candles

Friendly | Sorting Collection | HP Inspired Wax Melts

Friendly | Sorting Collection | HP Inspired Wax Melts

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Down the kitchen corridor and to the right, and you'll find the Hufflepuff Common Room!

This delightful blend of scents captures the essence of Hufflepuff's warmth, friendliness, and unwavering dedication to loyalty and fairness.

🌼 Warm Cobbler: At the heart of this fragrance, warm cobbler embodies the comforting and nurturing nature of Hufflepuff House. The sweet, baked goodness evokes memories of home and hearth.

🌼 Honey Pears: The sweetness of honey pears adds a touch of natural sweetness, symbolizing the genuine and caring spirit of Hufflepuff students.

🌼 Crisp Apples: Crisp apples bring a refreshing and crisp note to the blend, reflecting the freshness and vitality that Hufflepuffs bring to the world.

🌼 Warm Spices: A hint of warm spices weaves through the scent, reminiscent of the unity and togetherness that defines Hufflepuff House.

Each wax melt is ~ 1.75 oz

Wax Melt Details ♥

- Made with a Soy Blend Wax (Approx. 52% Soy/48% Paraffin) for superior hot throw and scent retention

- Highly Scented + Long Lasting 

- Handmade with love in VA ♥

- Our wax melts are made in small batches, so appearances may differ from the product photos. Slight color changes and off-center labels may occur but these do not affect the quality of the wax melts.

- Please read the warning label before using. Follow all safety guidelines when using our wax melts.

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