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Rainy Morning Candles

Wise | Sorting Collection | Wax Melt Samples

Wise | Sorting Collection | Wax Melt Samples

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Climb the spiral staircase to the Ravenclaw Tower

This enchanting blend of scents captures the essence of wisdom, intellect, and a quest for knowledge, recreating the very ambiance of the Ravenclaw common room.

📚 Cedarwood: At the core of this fragrance, cedarwood embodies the enduring wisdom and stability of Ravenclaw. Its earthy tones provide a solid foundation, inviting you into a space where knowledge is revered.

📚 Amber: Amber adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to the blend, symbolizing the profound knowledge and insight valued by Ravenclaw students.

📚 Patchouli: Patchouli brings depth and intrigue to the mix, echoing the enigmatic qualities often associated with Ravenclaw House.

📚 Aged Leather Books: Immerse yourself in the world of academia with the comforting scent of aged leather books. It evokes the countless hours spent in study and contemplation within the common room.

Each wax melt is ~ 1 oz

Wax Melt Details ♥

- Made with a Soy Blend Wax (Approx. 52% Soy/48% Paraffin) for superior hot throw and scent retention

- Highly Scented + Long Lasting 

- Handmade with love in VA ♥

- Our wax melts are made in small batches, so appearances may differ from the product photos. Slight color changes and off-center labels may occur but these do not affect the quality of the wax melts.

- Please read the warning label before using. Follow all safety guidelines when using our wax melts.

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